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Bongek is a village in the district of Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. The village is approximately approximately in the middle of Federal Road 1 route between Pedas Wet World Air Panas (14.9km north) and Tampin (18.4km South). Gunung Datuk/Gunung Rembau can be found here (Bongek, 2012).

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The name “Bongek” was given to this place following the discovery of a hot water spring (“air hangek” in Negeri Sembilan dialect) by a community of Minangkabau from Acheh circa 1773. They are a group of people who migrated with Raja Melewar from Pagar Ruyong. Raja Melewar was invited by the 4 Undangs to be the first Yang Dipertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan. According to Haji Basri Hasan, a pensioner who is also a native, “Bongek” is a result of morphological process (blending) between “Boncah” and “Jangek”. “Boncah” is a Sanskrit word bearing the meaning of “swamp” whereas “Jangek” is a type of food made from “cow’s hide”. This cow’s hide had to be washed with the hot water (“air hangek”) found in the “Boncah” before it could be eaten. Hence, every time they wanted to have the cow’s hide in their menu, the villagemen had to go to the Boncah as part of its preparation, and the pronunciation of “boncah” and “jangek” would occur in utterances such as “Nak ke boncah mencuci jangek.” After mentioning the words “boncah” and “jangek” repetitively, the morphological process of blending took place. The first syllable of “boncah” is joined with the second syllable of “ngek” and together, the two syllables form the name of the village which is “Bongek” (Basri Hasan, 2012).

“Bongek” is located in the middle of the route between Tampin (South) and Seremban (North) on Federal Road 1. The uniqueness of its name makes one wonder how the place gets its name. One would always remember its name because of its uniqueness. Pedas Wet Water Park and Hot Spring is in the vicinity.

The name “Negeri Sembilan” was formed in conjunction with the installation of Raja Melewar as the first Yamtuan (Ruler) of the state. Nine village heads from nine villages installed the Minangkabau prince as their lawful ruler. The word “negeri” was borrowed from ‘Minangkabau’s ‘nagari’
Tampin is the name of a town and a district at the border of two states – Negeri Sembilan and Melaka (Tampin, 2013). Tampin Mountain, where the Titiwangsa Range – the longest mountain range in Peninsular Malaysia – begins, is in the district of Tampin.
Seri Menanti is the Royal City for Negeri Sembilan. It is located 32.8 km to the east of Seremban, the state capital of Negeri Sembilan, and 15.8 km to the west of Kuala Pilah. Seri Menanti is situated in a valley surrounded by green hills. A majority of its people are farmers.
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